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Mailbox Surprise 2.0

Package and letter exchange community

Mailbox surprise
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Package and letter exchange community

mailboxsurprise is the latest comunity for member's postal or onlline exchange of packages, letters and any other stuff which fits to the themes. This place will bring people together and get to know each other from different countries. Everyone and any idea is highly welcome. Feel free to join the fun! 1. If you are not a member yet, please send a mail to the mod with the following information:
• full name
• address (incl. country)
• email address
• LJ username
Please note that these information will be treated strictly confident and won't be posted in public!

2. After joining a round the members will be contacted separately by the mod via email with recipient's contact information.

3. Disrespectfulness of any kind toward anyone won't be accepted. In that case the member will be banned from this community.

4. After shipping the letter/parcel/card you have to contact the mod and reciient that it's on its way.

5. We are happy to see what you received from another member. Post a picture. :)

6. This is not a competition. There won't be a winner or looser. It's only about the fun and the communication of people around the world.

7. For any remarks, questions or problems, don't hesitate to contact the mod via email or comment at one of the current posts.
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